Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Feel Loved

A couple of weeks ago, Renee over at A Lazy Beauty nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. Cool, right? Somebody actually likes my blog enough to nominate it for an award. Except, I have no chance of actually winning an award, obecause there is no award. The Liebster Blog Award seems to just be a thing that goes from one blog to the next; your unpopular blog gets nominated, and you in turn nominate a bunch of other unpopular blogs. Getting nominated is as far as it goes- so getting nominated is like winning. 

So, thank you, Renee, thank you very much for nominating me for this non-award. xoxo. (I really am being sincere, even if it seems as though I'm not.)

Also, I apologize for taking so long to actually write this post. I'm very bad at doing as I'm told. But in gratitude towards you, Renee, I'm going to finish up this post and nominate a few bloggers myself. 

Okay, now I'm supposed to abide by the following rules:

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

3. Answer 11 random questions

4. Create 11 random questions for your nominees 

5. Present/nominate a Liebster Blog Award to more newbie bloggers 

I've already knocked off the first rule, so onto the second. 11 random facts about myself. Didn't I do this exact same thing like a week ago? But, here goes. 11 more random facts about me. sigh.

1. My four favorite TV shows are all British: Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, and Robin Hood

2. My 5th favorite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants

3. I love chocolate more than almost anything in the world

4. I've read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at least eight times

5. I'm the youngest of 9 kids

6. My first knitting project was a handkerchief for my doll. It was about 2x2 inches square, and it took me at least a week  to knit

7. I didn't learn to purl until about five years after I learned to knit. 
8. I've never been out of America, or the US for that matter
9. There are only about 8 episodes of Doctor Who that I haven't seen twice

10. I was once tempted to get a pet snake. Oh, the horror!

11. I got nothing. 

Now I have to answer eleven questions...

  1. What is your favorite food and where did you first eat it? Chocolate! I can't remember the first time I ate it- years and years ago.
  2. What is the one thing you want to do before you die? Get rescued by a giant eagle from Middle Earth. How awesome would that be?
  3. What song has a emotional value for you and why? It has to be a playlist of 3 songs that my sisters and I played constantly a couple of summers ago: Viva la Vida (Coldplay), Human (The Killers) and I'm Yours (Jason Mraz).
  4. If you could talk to yourself when you were 15 what would you tell yourself? Oh, this is a good one. You see, I'm only 14, so I can't honestly answer that. But if I could see myself when I was (will be?) fifteen, I would walk up, shake my hand, and say, "It's an honor to be you."
  5. What is currently the closest object to you on your right? My cat. His name is Algernon and he's completely black, except  for a little locket on his chest, and his eyes, which are yellow. 
  6. The zombie apocalypse breaks out. What do you do? Scream.
  7. If you could turn into an animal which one would that be and why? A cat. Probably a black cat, just cos they're cool. Or maybe a squirrel.. squirrels are pretty neat... 
  8. If you could not have been named what you are named now, what would you have liked to be called? Holly. Holly is one of my favorite names ever. 
  9. What do you like to do in your spare time? I usually do my school in my spare time. 
  10. Do you have any weird traits? Well, I like to think that I'm the only person in the world who can write, but apart from that, no. 
  11. Paper or digital? I'd love to be able to scrawl out my novels on paper, but I gotta say, I'd never get more than ten pages in. That being said, I prefer to read on paper. Both have their merits, I suppose. 
Now I have to list questions for my nominees:

1. What is your least favorite shade of pink?
2. If you could go anywhere in Time and Space, where would it be?
3. Would you rather fight a lion, tiger, or bear?
4. Sunshine or rain?
5. What's the last book you read?
6. What is your favorite Beatles song?
7. If you lived till you were 300, would you be happy or sad?
8. If you could be instantly fluent in any language other than your first, what would it be?
9. What was your favorite picture book as a child?
10. Would you rather live in a Hobbit Hole or Rivendell?
11. Are you an introvert of extrovert? 

And now for my nominees!

The Knitlit Twit- this blog makes me laugh and makes me smile with every post. It's not exactly new, but it's stilll deserving of this award. 

Teapot Musings- This blog belongs to a fellow writer, and each of her posts are entertaining, well written, and provide tons of interesting facts. 
Crafts by Sinjah- I was brought to this blog by the pattern V-stitch Fingerless Gloves, and since I started following it I looked forward eagerly to her posts. 

Thanks again, Renee! 


  1. Thank you for the non-award nomination! Now to work on my answers and my own nominations...

  2. Ah I'm glad to see you wrote a post about it :)
    About the pet snake... I wanted one for the longest time, but was never allowed one. Can't say I'm too bummed now lol! Though a cat or dog (preferably both and both equally humongous) is still on my list... If only I could get one :)

    I thought I was the only person who could read books as often as 8 times, good to know I'm not the only one! People always look at me weird when I've read a book multiple times and can recite lines by heart....


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