Sunday, April 14, 2013

5 Things About Me

Earlier today, I was reading the latest post from one of my favorite blogs, Crafts from the Cwtch. I've mentioned her blog a few times I think- she never fails to entertain. Today, however, she not only entertained me but also provided the inspiration for today's post.

There seems to be a meme going around where you write 5 things about yourself, so I thought I'd give it a go. But then I thought, you guys already know everything about me. So I had to delve a little deeper to find 5 somewhat interesting things about myself to provide you with.

1. I have two spinning wheels. They have names. Nobody in the world but me knows this- until now. Their names are Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Weasley, named of course after the landlady of 221 Baker Street in Sherlock Holmes and after the famous Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter.

2. I love wearing aprons. Seriously, the best thing about baking or cooking is wearing an apron. I love wearing aprons.

3. Until aproximately a year ago, I couldn't walk out of a gift shop without a cute stuffed animal. It took me a long time to grow up, but a few weeks ago I donated all of the stuffed animals that didn't have any sentimental value to a thrift shop.

4. My three least-favorite foods all start with M: Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Mushrooms. And yes, two of them are condiments.

5. I wear glasses. Red rectangular plastic frames. They're quite fashionable, and they improve my vision greatly.

So there you have it. 5 totally random things about me. I bet you think I'm a pretty interesting person now, eh?


  1. Hi Anya, thanks for playing along!

    I like aprons too - I want to learn to sew this year so I can make some cute retro styled aprons :)

    Have a great week

  2. I love aprons too! My mom just got this vintage frilly pink one. It's amazing. I feel like a fifties housewife wearing it!
    I love the names of your spinning wheels. I have a trait where I name everything. My external hard drive is called Timmy! (from verbatim, the brand) And stuffed animals are just cute. (ssshhht. 21 and still sleep with one every night. The same one has been guarding my dreams since birth. It just helps me sleep more comfortably--> I can have horrid horrid dreams!)


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