Friday, April 26, 2013

Randomosity ( 4KCBWDDAY5)

by A.T. Lowery

For the prompt given today
We bloggers are to write in a form 
Differing from our usual way
And I decided to do this with a poem

But yet you'll find that poetry is not
In my overflowing arsenal of talents
For though I enjoy reading it a lot
My inability to write it is quite blatant

So what do I blog about this time?
I can hardly write of knitting
When every other line must rhyme
Perhaps there is no category fitting!

Perhaps today I simply make myself a fool
It is not difficult, with my poetry so foul
But to your ears am I being cruel
To force upon you this poem? Owl

But I am having so much fun
I think I may employ this style often
I'm sure you all love it a ton
But this blow of my leaving will soften

And so farewell dear reader
I know you love me so
But this poem grows weirder
And so, xoxo! 


  1. That poem made me gag. Except for the line about the owl.

  2. It is National Poetry Month after all,
    You must answer the muse's call ; )


Thanks for commenting! xoxo