Friday, July 26, 2013

Lots of Love

Happy Friday! I have a quick, cheerful finish object today that has nothing to do with knitting or crocheting, and was only finished about half an hour ago.
I made this rainbow of origami hearts following the instructions from this pin, which I originally thought would be extremely difficult due to my inaptitude at origami (and, indeed, at following instructions with nothing but pictures to guide me), but after making one heart I realized that this is so easy even I can do it. 

I originally intended to use as bookmarks (which they are meant to be), but considering I don't read nearly enough books at any one time to use six (plus three practice) heart bookmarks. I'm thinking of making them into a mobile for my lair.  

The pin was one of two heart bookmarks I had found, unfortunately I can't remember where I pinned the first and I can't find it anywhere (not that I looked particularly hard). But I acted on that inspiration as well, purely from memory, and came up with what you see to the right. 

This is actually the second one I made, but the first wasn't as good. It's fairy simple to make- you just cut out two identical hearts from a piece of felt and stitch them together at the straight part using a blanket stitch. I don't remember the original picture I found to have stitching along the top parts of the heart, but I thought it gave the heart a more finished look. 

I like the appearance of the felt hearts more than the origami ones, and I don't think I'll make any more origami hearts for the purpose of a bookmark, though I think they would make cute envelopes for a Valentine. 

I'm linking up with Tami's Amis today. 

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  1. How about using the origami hearts for bunting? That might look cute. The bookmark is cute too - I used to make something very similar when I was a little girl so it brought back memories.


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