Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spinning Show & Tell: The Opposite of Busy

I have not been spinning much this week. In fact, I haven't spun much at all for the Tour de Fleece, but it's my first year so that's all right.

Today I thought, I'd better do some spinning so I have something to blog about. Unfortunately, I was feeling more inspired to knit and even more inspired to procrastinate (curse Pinterest!). So I got a little drop spindling done, but not much. 
I'm spinning this lovely roving my mom bought a couple of years ago back when she was still trying to learn how to spin. As she hasn't picked up her own drop spindle in months, she gave me permission to use the roving. I'm getting a DK/Worsted weight yarn and as there's only about 25 grams of fiber, I'm only expecting to get enough for something small- perhaps an Owl Two Ways? I've knit one before, and it seems like the perfect pattern for using up handspun scraps- perhaps I'll get a whole parliament of owls! 

In other spinning news, I dyed some roving the other day that I'm very pleased with. The only problem is, it's rather difficult to spin and not the softest, so I haven't gotten around to spinning more than a few grams of it. 
I love the colors I was able to get. It's actually a bit more rusty and a bit less pink in real life, though this picture captures it best of all the ones I took. What I've spun so far is super fine, and I'm hoping to navajo-ply it when I'm done. 

That's it for me this week! Check out Crafts from the Cwtch for more spinning inspiration! 


  1. your pictures are startlingly bright. xoxo becca


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