Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIPs & Books: Oh, Copperfield

Straight onto the books part of the post. I finished David Copperfield a couple of hours ago, and I nearly cried at it being over. There were parts of it I loved (all concerning Betsey Trotwood) and parts of it that made me cringe (all concerning Uriah Heep). It took me a little longer than a month to listen to the 36 hour long book, which is pretty incredible for me. I look forward to reading- or listening- to it again in the future, but for now all I seek to do is remove it from my iPod and replace it with My Antonia by Willa Cather, the next book to receive my attention.

Now onto what you've all been waiting for- the progress on my knitting projects. Actually, I have only one to show you today, and it's the same I've shown for the past couple of weeks.
KNITTING: Vanilla Socks of my own design
YARN: Knitpicks Stroll Handpainted in 'County Fair'
READING: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens; My Antonia by Willa Cather
As I listened to the last ten hours of David Copperfield in the last three days, I got a good deal of knitting done on my Vanilla Socks, and have completed the heels and am about halfway done with the legs. I'm hoping to have them finished by Friday, especially as I have no other projects to work on, but no guarantees!

That is all I have to say today- I'll see you tomorrow for an update on the Pick a Boo KAL! Linking with Tami's Amis today.


  1. Such a good idea to listen to a book and knit at the same time! My reading time has suffered since my yarn obsession took over.

    Socks are looking great, love the colours!

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, it's pretty much the only way I get reading done! If it's a really good book, I knit faster as well :)

  2. audiobooks + knitting is how I stay sane. I might give David Copperfield a go, I tried actually reading it once and could not get into it.

    Gorgeous socks!

    1. I don't think I would have gotten through it if I'd read it, and if I had it would have taken me a year! You should try it :)

      Thank you!

  3. oo such happy looking socks, gorgeous! I've not read David Copperfield although I did listen to the audiobook quite a lot years ago. I love the character Uriah Heep, he's just wonderfully horrible, even down to his name lol


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