Monday, May 14, 2012

The Avengers

You could google 'The Avengers' and maybe on the millionth page my blog would come up. You could probably count on me scrolling through page after page searching for a link to my blog, if I didn't have better things that I'd rather be doing.

I recently got back from seeing it for the second time. I saw it first last Sunday, and even though that was just more than a week ago I found myself looking forward to seeing it again as soon as I found out I was going to. It's that good. 

(Okay, so that's not saying that much. I would have gladly watched The Hunger Games a week after I'd seen it, as well as a good deal of other movies. But that's completely aside from the point.)

The obvious question after seeing The Avengers is, Did you like it? That's the obvious question after every movie, unless the movie is so utterly amazing that nobody could fail to adore it or the movie is so utterly terrible that nobody could fail to hate it. But another question just as frequently asked is, Who's your favorite superhero?

I'm sure that loads of people say Loki and Hawkeye. Me included. I'm not sure you would actually classify Loki as a superhero. But he's still my favorite. It took a while for me to decide this, but after seeing it again I decided that they are the two coolest characters. Though, Iron Man comes up pretty close behind.

If you were to stay in the theater until the credits listed the special thanks just to see if you're there, like I did, you would be rewarded, not with your name in the actual credits of an actual major motion picture, but with a short clip of the Avengers, eating shawarma, looking slightly miserable, very tired (I think Captain America is actually asleep), and full. Who said waiting through the credits was a waste of time? 


  1. I think Thor is by far the best-looking and iron man is the most fantastic mainly because of his great sarcasm and sass. Loki is pretty darn cool though. As for Hawkeye, I hate him!!!!!! He is sooooo annoying!!! -Molly P

  2. Aahhhhhhh!!! How dare you say Hawkeye is annoying! He's the best!!

  3. Hawkeye isn't the best. Iron Man has all the greatest and funniest lines, so he's clearly the best. He also has a knack for making up words, like 'Capsicle'. Hawkeye is pretty cool though. Think of him as a masculine Legolas. And yes, I know Legolas is a guy. But he reminds me of a ballerina.


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