Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hot Springs Village

About 15 months ago, my friend Rose and I took a road trip to Arkansas.

About two days ago, my friend Rose and I took a road trip to Arkansas.

About two hours ago, we got home.

Rose's Grandma on her mother's side lives there, in a totally awesome house on a hill. We love going there, and this was our second trip. We had just as much fun this time as we did last time.

Actually the back of the house, but still awesome
We arrived in Hot Springs Village, where Rose's Grandma lives, around 5:30 on Tuesday. As it was before, we ate dinner, then me and Rose went to our bedroom to read until late into the night. But we also improvised a bit, trying to watch an episode of Psych (unfortunately, the Dougherty's laptop is very old and a PC, so we only got a few minutes in) and played Imagine If, with the Avengers. Our favorite was, Imagine if Loki were going on a first date. Out of the six choices, I can only remember the two we picked: A dinner at a fancy restaurant with a symphony, or bail out after ten minutes.

The next day started with me and Rose eating breakfast on the front porch, while Mrs Dougherty took Rose's Grandma to her doctor's appointment. Actually, the day started with me and Rose delaying the action of getting out of bed for as long as possible. But after we got out of bed and ate breakfast, we watched Up, and then got dressed. It was probably about one o'clock by then. I love slow mornings. And afternoons.

We went to the park for a picnic, and were abandoned there for about an hour after we ate. Fortunately, we stole Mrs Dougherty's cell phone so we could call to be picked up. Okay, so we weren't abandoned, we were left by our own choice, and we were given the phone. Big deal.

Rose and I were left at the house again that evening, and we watching Captain America on the laptop while we ate leftover pizza, which we finished up today. Captain America was not very enjoyable, however, because the laptop had a very dark screen and we could barely tell what was going on. We'll have to re watch it on a better laptop...

And now, I think it's about time to eat, with my own family again. Guess what we're having: pizza!

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