Sunday, May 6, 2012


As I mentioned in my last post (I think. First drafts, final drafts, I never know what actually ends up published), I've been working on Navajo plying, and now that our computer that supports cameras:
This is the first one I did, from a pretty thin single, I think it was 20 WPI (wraps per inch), which is classified as lace yarn. Then I plied it. I haven't counted the WPI, because I've never really done it before, but it's probably mostly worsted weight with a few lengths of bulky.

excited to practice more Navajo plying, I quickly spun up around 90 yards of white and gray and immediately plied it, without taking a photo of the single.
The nice thing about Navajo plying is that it keeps the colors in order, so instead of having a sort of swirly striped look on the yarn, I have a little bit of white, then a bit of gray, and back to white, and so on. Of course, where the colors change there's a bit of that stripy look, but that's only for a few inches. 

I'm still pretty bad at it, but I'm not bad enough to be discouraged from ever trying it again. I just have to get around to spinning some more singles... 

I've been progressing pretty well with the blue roving I got at the DFW fiber fest. I've divided it into eight half ounce bits, and I've spun up four of them. Each one has had a drastically different yardage: 86, 124, 167, and 143. But it'll all even out once I've plied it. 
Isn't that a cool photo? How it's in focus in the front and out of focus in the back? Don't you dare say I did it by accident. Even if it is true. 

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  1. well...I would say that you are a pro...just saying...because you use a lot of yarn words


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