Friday, May 4, 2012

due to our incredibly stupid computer...

The reason I haven't posted in three days is that our poor little computer is taking a little vacation from being used 24/7.

So, without a computer to waste my time on, (I know, I know, we have two more computers in the house, but they don't count because they aren't sleek and shiny and silver.) I've been knitting a lot. Well, kind of a lot. I was actually knitting more before the computer broke, because it only broke last night, so my point isn't really proven. If I had a point...

But I have good news: I finished math! for the whole year! I think. The whole final exam thing was a bit confusing, because the Final Exam A, which I was doing, had only 20 problems, but the answers for the Final Exam A had about 80 answers. So... I don't know what's wrong with the math book, but its not my fault.

I also learned a new way of plying handspun yarn called navajo plying, which is super fun once you get into the rhythm. I'll post a photo when our other laptop is back from his vacation.

(actually, i'm pretty sure i can get photos onto this laptop... but i dunno. and i'm too lazy to find out)

So even though this post has no pictures, I hope that the (kind of) short paragraphs helped you to keep reading. I find that the more white space there is on a page the easier the page is to read.

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