Monday, May 28, 2012

Entrelac! Whoa!

Right up there with cables, I think, was entrelac. Until now, anyway. Of course, I expect cables will be as simple as entrelact when I've finally gotten around to learning them.

With Youtube, beginning knitters are able to pick up the most amazing skills in less than an hour. Of course, for me, it took less than half an hour to practically master entrelact. But that's just me. And in all honesty, I did have to go back to the video several times while completing my swatch.

But still, the results are stupendous. I used my two 25 yard skeins of Navajo-plied yarn. A sort of purple lavender and a smashing blend of white and grey. I love how the white and grey ended up in the diamonds. I say diamonds. More of a sort of lopsided rectangle. but diamond-y enough.

I saw, at the DFW fiber fest I went to the other month, a gorgeous pale blue baby blanket, and now that my knowledge of knitting has expanded to this, I've realized that the blanket was solid-color entrelac. I'm making one.

After I've finished (or even started) all the other projects I have in store, of course.

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