Monday, May 21, 2012

The Son of Neptune

The sequel to The Lost Hero is much, much better. The writing seemed, to me, of higher quality and the characters were more enjoyable.

Please don't ask why the picture is lined in hot pink, because I don't know.

After our well-known hero Percy Jackson wakes up after 8 months and can only remember his girlfriend's name, the only way to escape the monsters chasing him is to make his way to Camp Jupiter- the Roman camp for demigods, unknown to Camp Half-Blood.

I like to compare Hazel to Captain America, because both were from the forties and slept for 70 years; though Hazel was in the Underworld, in the Asphodel Meadows, not encased in ice. Hazel was told that a descendant of Neptune would break her curse, but so far Percy hasn't done anything to help her...

Frank has possibly the coolest problem of the three: his little stick. Fragile and very easy to burn. The stick, not Frank. Though, under the circumstances, it could go either way.

An amnesiac, a cursed daughter of Pluto from the 40s, and a guy who could be killed by a single spark. Who else would be chosen to save the world?

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