Sunday, May 13, 2012

a disturbance in the force

So, say you read this awesome blog that is updated every other day and is full of fascinating stories, fiction and nonfiction alike, and a great deal of the posts have great photographs perfectly depicting the happenings in the fabulously written part of the post, which vise versa explains the pictures. I think we all know what blog I'm talking about.

Then say you stumble upon all the entries in May and June, and you see that they are lacking one thing. Those brilliant pictures that help to define what the author (me) is trying to say, in the rare occasion that the author's writing (mine) is difficult to understand.

This is not my fault. Of course, hardly anything is my fault. But included in the never ending list of things that aren't my fault is that of the mysterious disappearance of photos. This is all my sister's fault. Not that I'm blaming her for taking her camera on her trip. I'm just saying that I'm not to blame for not posting any pictures.

I guess only thing to do is go ahead and buy a camera myself. Unfortunately, buying a camera includes spending money, money which I don't have. I guess I'll just have to get a job as soon as I turn 16... all for the benefit of my followers. You see what I do for you?

Oh, and before I go, this is a picture of Mulch and Julius. They went back to the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue a couple of weeks ago, where they now happily reside. Their names are now Shawn and Gus, which were also their names before I got them. Named obviously after Shawn and Gus from Psych, a show that I've recently discovered to be awesome. i could go on. 

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