Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

Her Majesty Princess Carmen thoughtfully sent me several photographs of her hair as it had been done by skillful hands. I attempted to copy one of these in my friend Rose's hair:
It was actually pretty easy, but it was also time consuming. The six braids criss-crossed in the back took a long time...

I also did a similar hairstyle, but played around differently with the afore mentioned six braids:
I though this one was really pretty, too. I just braided the little braids together in sets of two. 

And a week ago or so, I did this to Mary Margaret:
Three braids, pulled across the back of the head and added into a vertical roll bun. I was pleased with it. 

And today, while helping with dinner, I put a bit of my childish artistic talent into good use:
My life in the past few days. What I do when I'm not writing. I can tell you, that's a lot more time than it should be... 


  1. The first hair style is sooo cool looking!!

  2. It took Anna a long time, so it should be. I was in a little pain during the making, but the finished hairdo totally made up for it!


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