Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finally, It's Picking Up

Tonight is a historic night. My novel has started to get easy and fun to write.

Technically, that should happen around day 1, but hey, I'm only 30 pages in. They say that week two is the hardest, in which case I only have two more days to have fun before the fun of the first week (which started four days late this time) fades and I have to start to work out a plot from all these Big Bend notes...

To keep my few readers interested (well, interested enough to not stop their email subscription, anyway), I've decided to post a picture of the first page. You know, the title page. I'm not showing anyone any actual prose until the book is published. Or at least finished. (Okay, so if you go to the Camp Nanowrimo website and search for riversong0045, you'll find me and therefore find an excerpt from my book, but hey.)

Okay, so I kind of fixed up the picture. The title page doesn't really look like that. But still, it's cool looking. 

8656 words and counting. Wish me luck. 

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