Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Joke" of the month- June

Instead of a joke, I have a riddle that I have heard a thousand times and every time I hear it I can't get the answer. It is maddening.

There are two doors, and each is guarded. Through one door is safety, and through the other a certain death. Both the guards are identical in all but one aspect: one always tells the truth, and the other always tells a lie. You have no idea which door is which, or which guard is which, and you can ask only one question. One question between the two guards.

What question should you ask?

I both love and hate this riddle, love it because it is so genius and hate it because I can never get it.


  1. I can't figure it out!!! It's driving me crazy!!

  2. You can ask first guard this: "Will second guard say that you are a liar?"
    Truth is the opposite answer.

    So, if guard A is liar he will answer "No" - which means that he is liar.
    If guard A is honest he will answer "Yes" - which means that he isn't liar.

    1. That doesn't work, not as the answer. You know who tells the truth and so on, but you still don't know which door is the right one.


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