Monday, June 11, 2012

day no 3, yarn, and cats

I failed to take a picture of Mary Margaret's hairstyle yesterday, but per her request I did only the same thing I did on day 0, so you need only look back at that.

But today, I did a simple but pretty braid:
Just braided backwards up her head and pinned at the top. I've done this braid before, but this is the best version of it I've done. 

Also, last Friday, I visited the Shabby Sheep yarn boutique in Dallas, because they had a 30% off sale for their 7th birthday. Both me and my mother spent a fair amount of money. 
My new lace weight yarn. It's made by Giselle, 64% kid mohair, 25% wool, and 11% nylon. The yarn is actually a darker pink than the poor picture shows, and is being turned into my second lace scarf. 
That's my cat. Her name is Trapper. This picture was actually taken a couple of months ago, but I recently came across it on my phone. The little kitty, who is about seven and at 7 and a half is now classified as 'senior', was curled up on my bed, where she is not allowed under any circumstances. But she looked so sweet... 

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