Friday, June 1, 2012

My Kind of Summer Camp

Camp Nanowrimo. A completely indoor, non-sports event. Perfect for people like me.

It's also the reason I probably won't be blogging nearly as much this month. I will be busy writing thousands upon thousands (okay, so it's only like 1600) of words every single day and won't have time to indulge my readers with almost daily posts.

50k, 30 days, not easy. At the end of June, I will have one more first draft, bringing my total up to 3... will I ever get done editing? I'm not so good with editing... I printed last November-January's efforts and still haven't started combing through it for plot holes, of which I'm sure there are thousands.

Aaa! How can it already be 11? I have to go get more writing done! Aa!

It's a very stressful month.


  1. You should send your books to me and I will read, oh and edit, them for you :) :) :) Jean says hi!

  2. Anna roped me into this too, and I'm way behind. Like, a thousand words behind.


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