Friday, November 16, 2012


"150? Was I serious? Scrambling to complete that unrealistic goal would have been boring to say the least for my few followers." – It's the Thought That Counts, To Live a Life version no1, by Anya Lowery, on January 3rd, 2012.

Bam! Nailed it! 150 posts to To Live A Life 2.0! And in less than a year, too. I got a hundred posts in two years on 1.0. I think- should I do it?- 200 posts for my first year of blogging? (Ah but you see, as I started in February I really have all through January to meet that goal as well, right?) 

I suppose that was just a month before I started this blog, actually. How much things change. I went from posting once, maybe twice a month to an average of 15 posts per month. The writing has gotten much better too, complacent as that may sound. Although, the typos have not diminished. I'm a terrible proofreader. 

And my book reviews? Well, now they're something you might be able to get an ounce of information from. In my old blog, it was basically, This is a wonderful book and you should totally read it! It's too good for me to summarize. 

Now, well, let's just say my mom complimented me highly on my review of Divergent. I would never get compliments on those old reviews. 

Okay, I think I've ranted enough about how awesome my blog is. Hope you have as good a day as I will! ('Cause if I have a terrible day, it really wouldn't be fair for you to have a good day, would it? Just kidding. Really. Have a good day.)

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