Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heartfelt Rings

Last night, I made two little Heartfelt rings. The pattern, by Tiny Owl Knits, is available for free here. As you can see, the ring on the left is much, much better. It's the second one I did.

Heartfelt Rings are tiny little felted knit rings with hearts embroidered on them pre-felting. I love the name- it's pure genius. Heartfelt. Felted rings with hearts on them. Get it? Stephanie Dosen (who is the designer of these rings along with dozens of other lovely patterns) was very clever coming up with that.

The first one I knit with some wool of the andes sport weight from Knitpicks. I unplied it so as to have  4 ply yarn (although once I had unplied it it was really only two ply- but as most yarns are 4ply, 4ply yarn is just a rather idiotic synonym for fingering weight yarn). As unplying yarn is a truly tedious task, I didn't make my ring long enough and also the heart came out rather wonky.

But for the next one, I watched the knit-along video which you can find here while I knit. It is a knit-along video after all. You're supposed to do what she does. The video in itself put me in a very good mood. Also I used some of that lovely blue yarn I spun a while ago that I still haven't used (I have like 500 yards of it so it won't be hard to find a pattern, but I've been too busy with Christmas and stuff) for this ring and more wool of the andes for the heart.

I love it! And I couldn't resist using my left hand for the picture- as you can tell it is very badly scarred from when a pot of boiling water was dumped on it 18 months ago. I was wearing fingerless gloves at the time and they trapped the heat. So now I have a permanent scar that I am very proud of. It gives my hand character.

I have about three other posts to write in a moment- spoilers: one will contain kittens! (well one kitten anyway) 

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