Friday, November 23, 2012

Be This Thanksgiving

As per request, here is the Thanksgiving post.

For me, the first half of Thanksgiving was miserable. For one thing, I thought I was going to bleed to death. Well, not really. Maybe a little bit. You would too, if your nose was bleeding enough to make you look like a vampire. I had also only gotten about five hours of sleep last night, so I was quite hysterical.

But then I took a long nap and felt better.

We had planned to have dinner at 4 like we did last year. But as my brother Ben got off work at 6:30, we decided to wait until he got here. But I was asleep when that decision was made, so when I woke up at 4:30 and we weren't eating, I was a little confused. I was also feeling very faint, as all I'd eaten that day was a little bit of sweet roll.

So we were all sitting around a bit, and finally it was time for dinner. And was it delicious. We were gifted a smoked turkey from a wonderful friend, and we had a wonderful assortment of bread, vegetables, and salads (one of which was made mostly of cool whip and was made pale green by pistachio pudding, I believe).

Our main decoration this year was our Give Thanks sign. A few days ago, we rolled this big piece of paper out on the floor and people have been writing what we're thankful for on it.
And a close up of my favorite, front and center:

After supper, David, Augustine, and Atheena came over for dessert. We sat around for a few hours, talking, laughing and eating. The Frizzowery's (no, that's not their actual name. It's a combination of Lowery and Frizzell. Frizzowery is just what we call them) left around eleven fifteen to see Breaking Dawn part 2. We were all exhausted, so we just went to bed.

All in all, not as good a Thanksgiving as last year, but still a day to remember. 

Also, I have a little FO to show off. In my post Merlin and Stuff I talked about knitting my big scrunchy scarf. As it turned out, it wasn't quite long enough to be a scarf, so I sewed the two ends together in a very visible seam and made it into a fabulous infinity scarf. 

Look how curly my hair is. I used a great technique that uses hair only. No heat, no products, not even any curlers or anything. The curls stayed in all day, too. 

Anyway, the cowl is fantastic and comfy and possibly the most wonderful thing I've ever knitted. (Well, for myself anyway) It's very warm and squishy and soft. The pattern is available for free here. As it's 21 stitches across, it's very wide, but since it's ribbing it sort of shrinks a bit so it's an excellent width. And I'm putting up a ling on Tami's Fo Friday.


  1. Nice scarf! And with the modifications looks lovely.

  2. So, if I requested a post would you write it?

    1. In my best Batman voice: "Maybe..."

    2. I suppose that'll have to do. Will you do a Dark is Rising book review and the Series of Unfortunate Events?

    3. That's like 18 book reviews. I might do some.

  3. So how did you curl it? I always have to use heat. I would love to know you method :) -mo

    1. It's a method called 'cocooning your hair', and you can find tutorials on youtube. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but the back can be fairly annoying to do.


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