Sunday, November 25, 2012

So What Is Merlin?

I seem to be getting requests by the one these days. My cousin asked me what exactly Merlin is... so here goes.

Merlin is a BBC tv show that started in 2008. It's a retelling of the Arthurian legend, with some definite twists. Firstly, Merlin is about 18 in the first season, with Arthur the same age. Guinevere is a servant who has a crush on Merlin, and Morgana is the King Uther Pendragon's ward and one of the sweetest people in Camelot. And of course nobody knows that Merlin is a sorcerer, because magic is outlawed and punishable by death so if anybody ever found out Merlin would be executed, which would kind of put a damper on the show.

So yeah, they messed up a few things with the legend. But it's still awesome. And it just gets better and better. The first season is pretty good, but not excellent. The characters are a little shy and awkward, the stories aren't fabulous, etcetera. But then season 2 is a little better, particularly the finale, and by season 3, they've got all their stories sorted out. Morgana is evil, Gwen is in love with Arthur and vice versa, and Merlin is... well, he's not as stupid as he was in the first season, anyway. 

It really is in season 3 that the show starts to get really good. The episodes are better and there are more characters than just the original four (Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and Morgana). They also start to bring in the Knights of the Round Table (though there's no Round Table till the end) 
Elyan, Gwaine, Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Leon, Percival

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is, I think, the most famous story about Sir Gawain. Gwaine (they spell it differently in Merlin) is my favorite Merlin character. Firstly, because he's the handsomest in Camelot. 
He also has the best sense of humor. It seems everyone in Camelot finds his incessant chatter annoying, but it's one of the best things in every episode he's in. 

The knights are some of the best things they did to Merlin. I've already talked about Gwaine of course- but then there's Sir Leon. Sir Leon started in season 2 with one little line, but people loved him so much that now he's like the main knight. Sir Leon survives everything. Seriously, there are always these battles where every single knight dies- except for Leon. 
Those are the two knights who are really really awesome- the others are just okay. Except Elyan. I just find Elyan kind of annoying. 

Now, that's seasons 3 and 4 taken care of. you've got your knights, you've got Arthur and Guinevere, you have Morgana being purely evil, and you have Merlin saving the day. Every day. 

But then there's season 5, which is airing right now- and they brought back Mordred. Mordred first appeared in season one, played by Asa Butterfield, and he was like awesome. A little druid boy who steals the affection of Morgana, and then leaves and comes back several years later and gets knighted. 

Mordred. Is. Awesome. I love Mordred so much. 

And that just about covers it. So I may have lingered a bit on the knights- they are like the most important part of the show. 

(And don't even get me started on the Nice Druid Man who appears in 3 episodes and is possibly the coolest bloke ever.)

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