Friday, November 2, 2012

FO Friday

As I said a couple of posts ago, I am not going to knit anything non-Christmas related throughout November. Which left me only a few days to knit as much as I could for myself before November began.

I chose to work on a lace scarf on October 30th. This was stupid of me, as lace scarves are not generally two-day projects. But I pretty much nailed it.

It's just a feather and fan scarf, not the most complicated of lace patterns. In fact, a feather and fan scarf was the first bit of lace I ever did. 

I actually didn't finish it on Wednesday. I finished it today. But it only took me about twenty minutes to finish it, so I don't feel particularly guilty about that. And it'll make such a lovely fall scarf- if I'd waited till December to add the final five inches, I would have had to wait almost a year to wear it. (Not really. I would have worn it in the winter. But brown is a much more autumnal color. 

The yarn I used is Knitpicks Cotlin in the color way Coffee, and I used exactly one skein. My scarf measures 55x4.5 inches after blocking. I used size 10 needles and also cast on enough stitches for a two stitch border on each side. 


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