Wednesday, April 11, 2012

another burst of... um... awesomeness

I find that when I read blogs, I tend to skip over the posts that don't have pictures and read the ones that do. Hence the pictures in so many more of my blog posts. And hence an actually subject for most of my posts.

Unfortunately, I haven't been doing anything cool lately, so I don't have any cool pictures to post.

(Am I right in saying that when people use parenthesis they're telling the reader that any text in parenthesis is unimportant but is worth reading anyway? If so, I guess i'd better start using parenthesis a lot more.)

I got another badge on 750 words... I'm a phoenix now. (I'm a phoenix because I'm on a 101 day streak. Now, if you ask me, phoenixes have nothing to do with the number a hundred. I associate them more with the color gold.) Being a phoenix, I must say, is much better than being an albatross. but what will be even better than a phoenix? A pterodactyl! (btw, the P in pterodactyl is silent. and yes, i have known that for a lot longer than a few seconds. i was supplying the information for your sake.)
Just look at that sweetie! I love phoenixes. (And I've figured out why I associate them with the color gold. See those wings?)

I hope that picture has persuaded you to read the entire post! trust me, it's worth it. 

As they say on Youtube: Comment! Rate! Subscribe! (Don't ask me how you rate or subscribe to a blog. I guess you could just follow it... hint hint...) 


  1. Oh Anna!!!! You crack me up! I love your randomeness! This one was one of my favorites. (I should start writing in parenthesis more too)

  2. In answer to how you subscribe to a blog, you can subscribe to emails. which is what I do :) Every time you post I get an email :) -Mo


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