Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey, Pottermore

After months and months of waiting, Pottermore has finally opened. I am deeply hurt that they said it was going to open in early April and it didn't open until April 14th, which is totally mid-April.

Just kidding. I didn't really care enough to be deeply hurt. But I still checked it daily to see if it was still in Beta...  well, almost daily. And it doesn't really comfort me to know that there were a million other Potter fans out there.

The only thing I was really looking forward to was the sorting hat. Which was pretty cool, once I got to it. I naturally got sorted into Hufflepuff (isn't it strange how nearly every single person in the world knows those four words? Rowling, I give you credit for creating nonsense words that have become part of everyday conversation). Hufflepuff is awesome. Their common room sounds fab, with cute yellow and black decor and round doorways. Do I sense a little hobbit-ness? Plus the kitchens are right down the hall. What could get better? I bet all the Huffelpuffs know each house elf by name.

Pottermore isn't that great, but it's fun. And now I know that I actually do want to be in Hufflepuff. I mean, everybody loves badgers, si?

And yeah, I will be going back to the site. Hopefully not on a daily basis. Really hopefully.

p.s. I just saw on a preview of this post that the photo so doesn't go with the color scheme of this blog. forgive me!

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  1. I got Slytherin. Which I am totally happy with except that the common room is by the lake so out of the windows...water. Sounds a bit dark to me :(
    -Mo Platt


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