Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Home Carnival

Cotton candy flavored icing. Who'd have thought it? And yet...
Niha (my brother Nate's girlfriend) and I were busy last Sunday night making cupcakes, for the sole purpose of cotton candy frosting. Niha went out to the store and got: 
Vanilla cake mix
Cupcake wrapper things
Gummy bears 
White icing
And... Cotton Candy Frosting Flavoring! 

It's like a sort of powder. 

So, we made up the batter... I love cake mixes. they're so incredibly easy. Put in your water, put in your oil, don't forget the eggs like I almost did, bam you're done. 

And then you are supposed to bake it. I personally wouldn't be against eating an entire bowl of raw cake batter. No need to tell me that's disgusting. 

We split the batter into eighteen cupcakes. And baked them, and...
Yowzers! (Do we tend to say yowzers?) Do those look gorgeous? We unfortunately had to wait for them to cool. But we didn't wait very long before...
Two sugar-loving girls, in a kitchen, with cupcakes, gummy bears, and cotton candy frosting. Guess the result. mmmm! 

I hope the pictures inspired you to read all of the post, and the cupcakes' beauty inspired you to get the cookbook (or rather, grocery list, water, oil, and eggs) out and try to match Niha's and my brilliance. I bet you'll fail.

P.S. I'm sorry for posting twice in the same day. I know it's not aesthetically pleasing. 

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  1. The icing on the cupcake at the top looks sort of like blue spaghetti. Or blue hair.


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