Friday, April 27, 2012

A Variety of Styles

As I sit in my Dad's office, typing in centered format because PCs are unmanagable, I look at (let me count) five semi-beautiful hairstyles. On my even less beautiful friend Rose's head. Sorry, Rose. I'm just teasing. You're at least as pretty as your hair is when I do it. 
I had a (oh, now you're back to a normal alignment? fine! stupid computer) go at another Katniss braid. Kind of failed. This was before I figured out how to do them better. It basically looks like a kind of lopsided wannabe French Braid.
This is no better. It's too close to the neck, I think. Still pretty, but not perfect.

This one is pretty good, though mainly because I have it going over her shoulder. It's probably exactly like the first one, actually.

Then I did a fun and messy bun, which I think actually looks really good. It might just be me, though.

And a four strand. this is much better than the one I did with Mary Margaret, because Rose's hair is longer and straighter. it's really pretty, but unfortunately it was kind of twisting here and there...

And there you have it! An hour's worth of hairstyles, at your disposal. Hope you like them!


  1. I would loooooooovvvvvvvveeeee it if you braid my hair! Although I have to warn you that my hair is really thick and you might get tired easily! So the question you have been waiting for..... Would you Anna Lowery take my hair in your hands and do wonders with it until it falls apart or dies?

    1. I would be delighted, my dear Carmen, to braid your hair! To be honest, I had trouble resisting the temptation to fall to my knees and beg to braid it during your visit!

  2. LOVE!!! Great job!! nice styles!! You and me girl!!! I love braiding:D and everyone always asks me to braid they're hair:D We would make quite the team!!!


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