Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jewelry+ Hunger Games=

Mockingjay pin earrings! I'm a genius! Well, not really, because Mockingjay earrings are probably very common in the Hunger Games fan world. But anyway...
One shrunk and one not.
Shrinky dinks! Gotta love 'em. I printed out a photo of the pin, but it was way too big, so I made a small copy. I was very proud of that, because I'm a terrible artist. I'm especially bad at copying things. You'll also notice that I made mine backwards... totally by accident. It still looks like the Mockingjay, though. Right?

I actually made three little Mockingjays. You know, just in case I someday sprout a third ear and need another earring.
All three done
Here they are, all shrunk. I'm very very happy with them. 

And, the finished product:
Hunger Games Earrings!

I'm so pleased. They look especially good when I wear my hair in a Katniss-like braid:

I can actually do my own hair in a French braid, though my hair is too short for me to tie it off closer to the tips, hence a slightly pony tail effect. Oh well.

Please, comment on how you like or (heaven forbid) don't like them!


  1. OMG Anna!!!! I love them! They are so cool!!!

  2. Super cute!!!!!!!!!!! -mo

  3. love them...haha never noticed they were backwards!

  4. I loooooovvvvveeee them!!! BTW I finally saw the movie with my niece! I looooveeeeddd it! Thanks for the recomendation!!!

  5. Nice!! Great job!! They look awesome!!!!!!!


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