Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Film Star in the Making

Almost thirty days ago, my friend Rose and I sat down in front of the computer, opened up a blank Word document, and began typing up the first episode of our TV show, The Adventures of the Adventurer. Think Indiana Jones, but really stupid. The main character's name is Miss Adventures.

Now, you may ask why we would want to write a script, seeing as neither of us see any future for ourselves in film making. The answer:

Now, on day 29, we have exactly 73 pages. Not quite enough to win. According to out Frenzy Stats, we have to write 27 pages a day to finish on time. Sound difficult?

But it is with confidence that we (or at least, I) head off to the finish the last couple of episodes and get this thing under our wings. We'll get there eventually. I hope. I mean, thirty pages isn't that much, is it? Especially when you double space and bump up your font size. And include extra long opening credits and end credits.

Rose also made a poster to motivate us (But that was at the beginning of the month, and we weren't very motivated, so I'm not sure it works). It's a lovely poster. Very square.
And now, I have 27 pages to write before midnight tomorrow, so I need to quit blogging and open up The Adventures of the Adventurer. See you soon! 

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