Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Hair Day

My sister Mary Margaret is forever begging me to play with her hair. I generally grant her wishes, because it gives me a chance to practice lots of different braids, which I love to do. I'm a big fan of braids. Unfortunately, I cannot braid my own hair because it is too short for me to do anything fun.

This is not a tutorial for different styles of braid. This is a blog post of self-praise and slightly terrible hair styles that I'm still proud of. If you're looking for a lesson in braiding, look elsewhere.

So, I sat her down with her history book or whatever, and began to braid her hair. Then I had the smashing idea of combining hair and blog, and got my other sister's camera.

A braid based on Katniss's from the Hunger Games movie. Having not seen the hairstyle since I saw the movie almost a month ago, I think I did a pretty good job. Obviously the photo on the left is Mary Margaret's hair; the one of the right was probably done by professionals and therefore much neater and better than mine. But with practice, I will improve, and Mary Margaret never tires of having her hair braided.
And then we have a French Braid. I'm not proud of this at all. I am terrible at French braids. But again, I will get better with practice. And anyway, Mary Margaret's hair is curly, so it's extra hard to work with. And it's pretty short, too. I have done a better French braid, though, I must say.

Then there's a fish-tail braid. I'm pretty good at fish-tails. Please ignore the slightly disgusting name and look at the beauty of this braid. It's a blurry photo, yes, but you can still kind of tell it's awesomeness. yeah? I think I did a beautiful job. I just cannot believe the great job I did! Wow. I'm just stunned.

Ah. A four-strand braid. I had no idea how to do it at the beginning of the braiding session, but Mary Margaret pulled up a demonstration from the miraculous Internet and I followed the instructions. I also ran a wet brush through her hair several times to get rid of the curls. It is impossible to do a good four-strand braid with curly hair. Don't even try.

I did another Katniss braid, too. It's basically the same, though possibly a bit neater. It's still not like Katniss's in the movie, but please remember that I hadn't seen the hairstyle for nearly a month. Have mercy.

And there you have it! My brilliant braids, laid out in front of you like... like a bunch of brilliant braids. Feel free to leave a comment on them!

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