Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miss Adventures and the Deathly Halos

Miss Adventures closed her Harry Potter book with a sigh. There was nothing like a good read to start a vacation free from vampires, corpses, and kleptomaniac heart surgeons. Her boss, Mr Hash, had given her two weeks off instead of the usual two hours, and Miss Adventures didn't plan on doing any adventuring throughout the duration of her break.
The Deathly Hallows really had been a good book. A bit confusing of course, but Miss Adventures suspected that that was only because she hadn't read any of the other books in the series. One of her many mottos was, "Always start from the end and work your way back." She wasn't really sure that this motto should be applied when reading a series, but she didn't mind.
Sidekick, Miss Adventures sidekick/servant, was not reading Harry Potter. She was sitting in front of her laptop, her eyes wide and her bowl of popcorn lying forgotten in her lap as she watched the Deathly Hallows part II. This was possibly even more confusing than reading the book was for Miss Adventures, because Sidekick hadn't watched Part I.
Miss Adventures glanced out her window.
"Crikey," she said. "What a very angelic statue. Why did you put that statue in my garden, Sidekick?"
Sidekick paused her movie and took off her headphones. She looked out the window and saw the very angelic statue Miss Adventures had been referring to. The statue was very angelic because it was a statue of an angel.
"I didn't," replied Sidekick. "You know how I hate statues. I always feel like they're going to turn un-stone and creep up on me and snap my neck."
"You got that from Doctor Who,"Miss Adventures accused. She looked back at the statue. "Crikey! It's a weeping angel!"
Sidekick screamed and shut her eyes. "I can't watch," she cried.
Miss Adventures took a deep breath and said in a slightly higher pitch than normal, "It's okay. We'll figure out what to do. Help me out here, Sidekick. What does the Doctor do?"
Sidekick whimpered. "He gets the Elder wand somehow, and then Vol-- sorry, You-Know-Who turns into a bird it seems, and explodes into a bunch of feathers."
"Sidekick! That's not Doctor Who, that's Harry Potter! Think!"
"Oh yeah," said Sidekick. "Sorry. Let's see..."
"Crikey, I've got it!" cried Miss Adventures. "I'll get a sledgehammer and smash it to pieces!"
"Or we could neutralize the angel's movements by zapping it with a charge of electricity and burning out its mind," suggested Sidekick.
"Why didn't the Doctor think of that?" cried Miss Adventures. "I'm going to go an get my lightning rod and we'll turn the statue back into stone!"
Sidekick smiled triumphantly and went back to watching The Deathly Hallows  Part II, leaving the angel to be stone-ified by Miss Adventures.

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