Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amelia Fingerless Gloves

Last Saturday night, I took my size 4 dpns and a ball of yarn up to my bed instead of a book. I do this quite often, actually, because nighttime is a great time to work on Christmas presents because nobody else is up to see what you are doing. 
However, last Saturday I was not working on something for somebody else but on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. I'd been working on a pair of fingerless gloves (also for myself) that afternoon and had failed utterly, so I was a bit frustrated with fingerless gloves. But I also wanted a new pair of fingerless gloves, so I tried again.

I somehow managed to cast on a perfect amount of stitches without checking my gauge first (I rarely check my gauge). I did about one inch of the cuff and then went to sleep. The next day, I finished the first glove. 

I must have been working on some other project on Monday, or I was just doing geometry all afternoon, because I didn't cast on for the second glove until Monday night. I finished it Tuesday night, and wore my brand new perfectly fitted fingerless gloves all day Wednesday. 

They were very straightforward- a few inches of ribbing for the cuff, stockinette for the hand, and an edging of zig-zag eyelets that you can't see very well. I worked them in the round but for several rows worked them flat so as to create the thumb whole. I was going to add a thumb later on but decided I liked them better without them. 

I'm going to write up the pattern in the next day or two. I'm calling them Amelia Fingerless Gloves in tribute to Amy Pond's magnificent departure from Doctor Who last week, although the gloves themselves have nothing to do with Amy. 

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