Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Statistics!

I am in the depths of despair! Well, not really. I'm actually quite happy because I just watched an awesome episode of Merlin. Although, it was a very sad episode of Merlin so I shouldn't be happy exactly... but anyway.

For some reason, don't ask me why, Blogger has decided to erase all of my stats (my amazing stats that were showing off about 600 page views in one day, thank you very much). They have done stuff like this before; on my old blog, all of my gadgets disappeared.

I just wanted to let readers know that the reason there's a little number that is not even three digits under my page views gadget is that there has been a computer malfunction and I am most certainly not to blame.

In the mean time, you can help make up for it by viewing my blog even more than you already do! (refreshing the page and clicking on as many posts as possible helps. now might be a good time to reread some old posts?) Boost my self esteem by becoming a follower, if you aren't one already. Leave as many comments as you can, and then some. Thank you for your support in these desperate times of technological failure.

And I am more than a little bit disappointed in blogger. It's been doing so well the past few months. :'( I think I'll go and break the nanowrimo rules and write a few snippets of my novel.

EDIT: They are all back now. Hmm.... strange things are afoot. Magic must be involved somehow. Summon the guards.

P.S. Have I been watching too much Merlin?
P.P.S. Please still pay special attention to the paragraph involving you following my blog and leaving comments.

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