Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter Winds

Right now it's 54° outside.  Perfect October weather. Perhaps I'm not remembering correctly, but it doesn't feel like Texas weather often grants us the need to wear sweaters in early October. It's been a bizarre change in temperature; yesterday it was in the 80s and we had the AC on. The night before last I couldn't sleep in my bed because it was so hot. Last night I was shivering under my blanket.

It does make for a nice change.

Last night I made an order from Knit Picks. They are having a one-week Halloween sale- black and orange yarns are on sale up to 25% off. I needed some more black yarn for a project anyway, and it was a dollar off, so I put two skeins in the cart. And then added a bunch more stuff to my cart. I love yarn shopping, even online. It was all Christmas yarn... almost. I, on a whim, bought 3.5 ounces of Wool of the Andes Roving that was orange so it was on sale. I'm super excited about that. Since my and my mom sort of share our stash of wool roving, we have a lot of cool colors. Actually, only cool colors. Mom does not like warm colors. I, however, am more open and so was very excited about orange roving.

I haven't written a post without a specific topic in a while- it reminds me of my old blog (which was practically all posts of utter randomness).

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  1. I like reading your random posts :) It is quite cool here as well in Freddyburg.


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