Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Rabbit

Since about April probably, I've wanted to make these Tiny Baby Bunnies. If I may, I would like to say that the title is inaccurate. You cannot have baby bunnies, because bunnies are too widely known as baby rabbits, so saying baby bunny is like saying baby baby rabbit. It's like when people say 'baby kitten' or 'baby chick'.

Anyway. I tried to make one of these before I had acquired either Double Pointed Needles or the skill required to use them. I used colored pencils with both ends sharpened and worsted weight yarn and know knowledge of double pointed needles. (You may remember that I did use this method to make a hat for a certain duck-like monkey a while ago.) It ended up absolutely hideous and not at all bunny-like. I don't really understand what went wrong... I think I twisted it, knit it in the wrong order, did some interesting purl stitches, and ended up with a mess. I also tried to knit one with toothpicks and crochet thread. That didn't work out too well either.

However, now that I own DPNs and, almost-slightly-not really- more importantly, know how to use them, I have successfully knitted a Tiny Baby Bunny with an incorrect title.

He's so sweet. Although he is a little bug-eyed. 

Instead of fingering weight yarn, I used worsted weight, so mine is the size of a regular marshmallow, rather than the size of a mini-marshmallow. I also used US size 4 DPNs. 

I'm calling him Damian. Damian the Turquoise Bunny. 

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