Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Felting is basically a fancy word for shrinking your knit products, whether you do it on purpose or by terrible accident.

The other day I picked up a skein of yarn that I had spun. It was a single that was plied with sparkly plastic thread. And I wondered, what would happen to the thread if I felted a piece of fabric knitted from this yarn?

It was only about twenty yards. It knit up into a piece about 6x7"

Then I did a load of laundry and threw this in with it. It came out like this:
A little bit felted, but not super felted. Mostly just like very fuzzy knitting. I wasn't entirely satisfied- so I did another load of laundry. When that was done, my square of knitting looked like this:

Now that's more like it. Too small and too freeform to be made into anything, but definitely felted. I would consider it a job well done. By the washing machine. 

I'm looking forward to felting something that ends up bigger than an iPhone (it's not even big enough to make an iPhone case), but that will come another time. Maybe after Christmas. (Along with the socks, sweater, three lace shawls, and two scarves I'm knitting after Christmas) 

Speaking of Christmas, I'm proud to say that I have finished TWO of my many Christmas presents in store. And only a little more than two months left... I better get cracking. However, I am about halfway done with a number of other Christmas projects, so I'm not entirely behind. 

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