Monday, October 22, 2012

Cleanliness... At Last

For the last few weeks, my lair has been a complete mess. It's been so filled with knitting projects and tangled yarn that I could barely get to it. However, i have spent the last two hours cleaning it.

My lair is the space under my bunk bed. It has a desk, a bookshelf, and a massive throw pillow, and the ceiling is so low you pretty much have to be sitting down in order to not hit your head.

But it is the one part of my sister's and my room that is completely mine, and it is my job to keep it clean. I'm very bad at that part. But now, it's clean and hopefully will stay that way until it gets cold and i can actually hang out in there (it's way too stuffy in that cramped space to do so much as a lesson on geometry).

I didn't take any 'before' pictures, but I got plenty of 'after' pictures:

Here's my lair in its entirety. Isn't it amazing? So very cozy. 

My roll top desk, that used to be my sister's. It has a bunch of Shiner bottle caps super glued onto the side, but I don't mind. See all the little bunnies I made?

I made this Merlin paper airplane over a month ago, and it was just sitting on my desk waiting to be tacked to the wall. Its mission in life is now complete.

My reading nook, complete with Doctor Who and Harry Potter posters. 

This is my 'Nice Yarn' yarn drawer. It has all of the yarn that's not Red Heart or I Love This Yarn!, and all of my WIP's (works in progress, for non knitting readers). Don't look too closely at the picture; there are Christmas spoilers contained within it! 

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