Saturday, March 30, 2013

FO Friday: Very Nearly There

You know that feeling when you're almost done with a knitting or crochet project? You have that sort of urge to finish it, to get it done; there's a certain sense of almost-accomplishment. Imagine that feeling, and then imagine running out of yarn. Halfway through the picot bind off of your sister's shawlette.

sorry for the bad picture okay? it was night time.

And then imagine having accidentally ordered twice the amount of yarn necessary, so all is good again and no worries.

I'm almost finished with the birthday girl's shawl, but I have about half of the bind-off left to complete. And I'm too tired tonight to wind another skein of yarn and finish the thing off. So, I'll get the shawlette done tomorrow morning and it'll be blocked in time for April Fool's Day.

And that's my almost finished object story for tonight. As usual, I'm linking with the lovely Tami's Amis and I bid thee goodnight. 

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  1. Oh Nos! Its no fun running out of yarn at such a stage. But it sounds like you have it under control. Your shawl edging, that I can see< looks very nice.


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