Sunday, March 10, 2013

It Feels Like Christmas

Note: be prepared for a picture-heavy novel-like post ahead!

On Thursday, my brother David stopped by and gave me a laptop. I would be using it now, but it's a PC and I'm used to Macs, so I have no idea how to get pictures from my camera onto my new laptop. On Friday, I received in the mail my swap package from Laura (prairie-girl). Lots and lots of presents in the span of two days, and it felt like Christmas.

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I took part in a knitting swap this spring. It was my first swap, and Laura made sure it was a good one.

Friday morning, when I was in the middle of a geometry test, the postman stopped by with a big package that had my name on it. I was so excited- I'd been waiting and waiting for this box- that I took a long break from my geometry book to open the package.
I got more and more excited by the second, as I tore off the wrapping paper of each present and positively squealed with delight at each amazing present. Laura stalked me so incredibly well, everything she got me was perfectly fitted to my tastes. 
Group shot of everything. A skein of gray merino yarn for my Orchids & Fairy Lights (she emailed me the pattern, too), a ball of Cascade 220 Superwash for a future fingerless gloves design, 6 gorgeous miniskeins, a World Map journal, an amazing Tardis needle gauge, and Tardis pin, a Gandalf keychain, and, the best of the best, a gorgeous hand knit cowl from the pattern Zuzu's Petals
Now for close ups of everything! (I did warn you there would be a lot of pictures)

The yarn is all incredible. I've knit hexipuffs (or hufflepuffs, as my mother has re-dubbed them) out of three of the minis already, and I've started Orchids & Fairy Lights with the light gray. The dark gray I had to hide on my yarn shelf so I wouldn't start too many projects at once. 

Look at these nerdy wonders! As Laura said on the card enclosed with the Tardis needle gauge, this awesomeness speaks for itself. 

I adore this journal! It's so very sophisticated. Now I wish I hadn't bought a new Ideas Journal a few weeks ago... it might have to be hidden away until this one is filled up. 

And the grand finale, Zuzu's Petals. I wore it all day Friday and Saturday, and it's going to become a frequent accessory in the next couple of months. 

I've thanked Laura a great many times already, but I'll say it one more time. Thank you so much for this incredibly package, Laura! 

Now I suppose you're wondering what I did in return for this amazing bunch of presents. I too sent a package to someone, this someone being Latecia, or thecupcakemom on Ravelry. Don't worry, I'm not going to put closeups of everything I sent her as well... just this one:
I won't go into depth explaining everything I gave her, but: stitch markers, tapestry needle case, notebook, chocolates, handspun yarn, mini skeins, fingerless gloves, notions bag, heartfelt rings, and chocolate.

I know I said no closeups, but I have to for this one because I'm extremely proud of it:
I'm not really known for my card-making skills, but this one is exceptional, compared to any other cards I've made. No point being humble about it. It's supposed to be a fairy, but I don't draw wings so I left those off. 

So that's my first swap. Now I can fully understand how people can't resist joining them, and I keep asking myself, 'when's the next one?'

P.S. I did this swap with the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry. 

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