Friday, March 1, 2013


Looking back over by nine posts from February of 2012, I thought, no wonder I didn't have any followers back then. But then, I looked over some of my posts from this past month, and I wondered if my blog's really gotten any better.

The answer? Yes, it most definitely has gotten better. Even if it isn't particularly good now, it's still much better than it was a year ago. I think one of the reasons is that I've gotten better at and more enthusiastic about my hobbies. To some of you, my countless posts about knitting and spinning are doubtless terribly boring, but I know that I, as a knitter, would love my blog even if I weren't the author.

So let's go back over the last year and marvel at how much I've improved. My first knitting post was this, and I didn't write it until March 20th. My blog had no knitting posts until almost two months after its initiation. Crazy, right?
And look at that picture. Even I can tell that it's terrible. And yet, I must have been satisfied with it. 

So I went from that, to my most recent knitting post about my Holden Shawlette. (I just noticed the parallel that they're both featuring knits made from handspun yarn... coincidence?) Less than a year ago, I doubt I could even have dreamed about knitting beautiful lace shawls. 
So, yes, I've gotten both better in my blogging and knitting skills. Photography? Not so much. (Though, I personally love that picture of Holden, poor quality as it is.)

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  1. that first picture...looks like you killed an animal. haha! I know you didn't! It looks weird, I didn't really read what it was...I was too lazy. xoxo becca


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