Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIPs and Books: Halfway There (And Back Again)

Last night I finished two things. The first was the front of my Beorn sweater. It looked like my prediction came true: I told myself the other day that I would have the front of my sweater done for WIP Wednesday.
Isn't he sweet? My tension was horrible, especially on the sides of the face and on the ears, but I still love him. He looks like he's been stung by a few too many bees is all. 

When I finished the chart, it was such a relief to not have all those bobbins hanging off the back. It was such a tangled mess- but now that's done. I've started the back, but I'm only a few rows in. Thankfully it's almost all just straight stockinette, so I'll be able to speed through it. 

The second thing I finished was The Hobbit. I started the book in January or something, and it's a kid's book and pretty short so I should have finished it in no time. But I don't read as much as I should, so I finished it last night. I read it a few years ago for school, but I must have skimmed the whole part with the battle at the end because I barely remembered a thing. I particularly didn't remember Beorn conveniently saving Middle Earth, which makes my sweater even more special. 

That's it for me tonight! I have to go and find the Fellowship of the Ring before I lose interest in reading more Tolkien... (just kidding. If I do read more of Middle Earth, I'd skip the Fellowship since I've already read it.) 

You wanna see the back of my bear?


  1. Your sweater is beautiful! The back is a bit scary though...

  2. Your picture is really beautyful! What a look! Why you didn't take the strings with you forward and back ... so you wouldn't have such a lot of bobbins ... Ah, maybe when the next fair - isle - adventure comes ;-) Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks! I was just following the pattern and it said to do intarsia. I stranded in some places, but if I'd done it for the whole pattern the face would have been very scrunched up ;) my tension isn't the best!

  3. Your bear is beautiful! I am sure after some major weaving in the back will be fine. Besides nobody will see it.


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