Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pros and Cons

As I mentioned earlier, my brother recently gifted me a brand new laptop. It's an HP notebook that transmogrifies into a tablet at the simple click of a button. Of course, having my own laptop is phenomenal, but it is a PC and let's all admit that PCs are not as good as Macs. Macs are for smart people, and PCs are for either a) stupid people or b) people who can't afford a Mac. (if you're a PC person, don't worry; I won't judge you too harshly for making the wrong choice in the way of computers.)

However, the one and only major flaw that Macs have is that they don't come with Paint. I personally love Paint, and it's one of the few redeeming factors about PCs. I love being able to waste time drawing lousy pictures on the computer.

So now that I have a PC, it makes sense that I'll be making a lot more drawings, like this one I did this evening:
Van Gogh himself couldn't have done better, don't you agree? 

Just in case you can't tell, it's a pirate ship at sea in the middle of a ferocious storm. The captain and his crew are hiding below deck so that their hooks don't get rusty and their peg legs don't get warped. Convenient, since, while I am excellent at drawing pirate ships, I still need a lot of practice when it comes to drawing actual people. 

I think I'll be adding quite a few masterpieces to my portfolio in the coming weeks. 

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