Monday, March 11, 2013


The other day I was thinking, what if it all stops?

'It' in this case is all of the things I keep on getting obsessed with. I mean, how many things can there be that I can get into? There keep on being more fandoms to join when one begins to fade. Two and a half years ago, all that seemed to exist was Doctor Who. I didn't think there was anything that I would ever want to do over watch Doctor Who.

But then there was The Avengers this past May, and after that followed Sherlock during the summer - I wasn't obsessed with it but I still enjoyed watching it - and Merlin in the fall.

What would I do if all of these things stopped? Artemis Fowl is over, Harry Potter is over, Merlin is over, in two years The Hobbit will be over... what if all the new things stop popping up? Sure you can go back and reread/ rewatch things, which I do anyway, but eventually, that would get boring.

The nice thing is, though, it won't end. People won't stop having ideas, directors won't stop directing, actors won't stop acting and writers won't stop writing. If my own mind is anything to go by, then people all over the place are having a dozen ideas a day that are all potentially the next fandom. Who knows, maybe one of my own books will one day be as popular as Harry Potter.

(Yeah, I wish)

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