Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am a musician!

Those of you who know me will also know that I have no musical talent. I can't play any instruments (though I dabbled in harmonica in the second grade), anybody who hears me sing runs away screaming (or just stands there screaming to drown out my voice), and nobody in their right mind would ask me to even hand them a guitar.

And the annoying thing is, there are only four people in my family- including me- who aren't musically talented. And there are 11 of us Lowery's total.

But then I thought, wait. Hang on a second. A musical instrument is something you use to make music, right? Yes! I do have a musical instrument and I'm very, very good at it!

It's called an iPod. I click buttons and really good music comes out. I'd say I rank way up there with The Beatles and Beethoven.

What's your musical instrument? Does it come in the shape of a rectangle and does it have a click wheel, or is it one of those big clunky pianos?

p.s. Also wishing a happy birthday to my wonderful cousin Molly! xoxo!

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