Sunday, March 24, 2013

Robin is Gone

*warning: this post may contain spoilers for the 2006 BBC Robin Hood show. tread carefully and don't say I didn't warn you! 

I started watching the BBC show Robin Hood on Monday, March 11th. There are 3 seasons total, and each season has 13 episodes. This afternoon, I watched the last two episodes of season 3. I did not skip a single second of a single episode throughout the entire series, and I finished the entire thing in less that two weeks.

Yeah, I think I'll be taking a long break from TV (until next Saturday when the new Doctor Who season starts airing).

But back to the important part of the paragraph before last: This afternoon, I watched the last two episodes of season 3. That means I watched the episodes where everybody dies, as I said in my last post about Robin Hood. Of course, I knew who died, and I knew that my 3 main characters died, and I sort of knew how they died. So I shouldn't have been that sad when it actually happened, especially since Robin Hood isn't that great a show anyway.

But no, those entirely valid reasons didn't stop me from sobbing my heart out when my all-time favorite character, Allan A Dale, was killed (thankfully I have a theory about how he wasn't actually killed). They didn't stop me from whimpering lamely when Sir Guy of Gisborne was stabbed ruthlessly by his sister (though he did have a very good death scene). And they certainly didn't stop me from weeping endlessly when Robin had a hallucination of Marian in his last seconds alive (though, I did rather love the way they did that).

All in all, despite the fact that they killed Allan A Dale, the creators of Robin Hood did a much better job ending it than the creators of Merlin did with their show, and I was satisfied with the ending. (except that Allan A Dale died.)

After I was done watching them, I cried for a while with my friend Rose (who I was kind enough to let watch with me). Then I thought I had better do some sort of tribute to Robin Hood, so I would never forget how much I sort of love it. This tribute came in the form of a hexiflat.
Can you guys tell that it's an arrow? I'm probably the only one who can tell. But it's supposed to be an arrow. See the black and white feather at the top, just like on all of Robin's arrows? (Did anybody else wonder where he got so many black and white stripy feathers?) 

Now I have to go to bed... and try and forget the sadness caused by the last two episodes of season 3. 

p.s. I may be exaggerating just a little over how much a cried and how sad it was. But I was only exaggerating a little bit. 

p.p.s. Only five more day until the new Doctor Who episode! 


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