Friday, February 8, 2013


I am knitting my first sweater. I'm following the pattern Oh My Bear! by Tiny Owl Knits. I started on February first but I didn't have the right needle size so my gauge was off, so I put it on hold till I got the right size. I started again yesterday, and I'm about 13 rows into the colorwork chart. I am loving this project, but the intarsia knitting gets incredibly tangled every single row. And I'm pretty sure my gauge is off for the bear face, but it'll all end up all right and if it doesn't, then I can rip it out and start again. 

I'm obviously going to name mine Beorn, for the giant person in The Hobbit who turns into a bear. Another thing I misremembered from the book, I thought Beorn was Radagast and that Beorn lived in Mirkwood. I was so confused. 

That's it for me tonight- I have to get to bed. Knowing me, that'll happen in an hour or so and not right now, but I'm not going to spend that time writing a novella of a post. 

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