Monday, February 11, 2013

Bookish Things

When I first started writing my current novel, The Pandora, back in July, it was going to be a 18,000 word fairy tale about a box that gets stolen, a Princess and her fiancĂ© who have to get it back, and a sorceress/ movie star who reluctantly helped.  It was fun to write and the plot was actually pretty good. 

It's now turning into a full length novel, with the original protagonist completely deleted from the story, as well as her fiancĂ©. In fact, only two things have remained the same: a box still gets stolen, and the thief is still a genius named Casey Kragnaugh (pronounced crag-naw, apparently). 

It's the novel I tried and failed to write in November, and the novel I'm still trying to write now. It's all there, the plot, the characters, every single inch of the story. Everything but the words. I've edited this novel more than any of my others and I haven't even finished the first draft. 

So I've made it my goal to finish it by Easter Sunday, March 31st. Telling people about this goal will probably make it easier for me to meet it, so wish me luck as I depart into the world of The Pandora. 

Don't worry, my avid readers. You'll still be getting daily posts for the rest of February. 

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