Saturday, February 2, 2013

Full of Ideas

For my 13th birthday, my aunt and uncle gave me a notebook that has, in the last twelve months, become home to possibly hundreds of ideas. It's been my go-to place whenever I have an idea for a book or an image comes into my mind that I have to describe immediately. You could find bits and pieces of short stories that never saw the keyboard, snippets of dialogue I've used in my books, and random thoughts and ramblings from my never ending flow of ideas.

I had some fun with the camera, photographing different bits of different pages, comparing my handwriting over the months. It's all extremely messy, so I feel fine sharing a couple of my innermost ideas:
This is a bit of In Saint Helen's, the book I wrote in the June session of Camp Nanowrimo. I started it about five times in this journal, and all of the beginnings are relatively similar but at the same time are very different. 

Just an idea for a book that I'm not saying any more about. It'll probably never get written because the plot never got very far in my head, but maybe one day...

A snippet from a book I have yet to write. Once the whole thing is down on paper, though, I can tell you it's going to be amazing. 

This is more of the beginning of In Saint Helen's, describing the house the main characters live in at Christmas time. I actually based the exterior decorations off of those on my own home. There's an awful lot of real life in my stories.

This was just a funny idea that came into my head, pretty stupid but I thought it was amusing. The entire thing is:
"You can call a popsicle flavored ice, yes?" said the salesman. "But flavoring the ice is costly- meaning that it costs money, not that it's expensive. So this is my new product. I call it Flavor Lice."

He brandished a long ice cube on a stick. 

"What do you think?" he said.

"Flavor lice?" I replied, slightly disgusted. 

"Yes, it's a play on the words 'less' and 'ice.'"

"Makes me think I'm eating vermin."

Not really worth putting into a story, not really worth reading, but I rather liked it just the same. 

I had a include a little bit of the King Arthur legend in The Pandora, what with it taking place in the Middle Ages and all. This idea isn't actually going to make it into the Pandora, but it was a good tribute to Merlin.

From the short story I talked about a while ago. I started it on paper but quickly went to the computer with a slightly different plot in mind. 

So there's a little peek inside my head. My mind is busy, illegible, and sometimes rather insane when it comes to writing. But sometime, years from now, after I become a best-selling author and when I'm buried in my grave, someone will dig up this journal and publish it. A.T. Lowery's Journal of Ideas. 

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