Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Whole Year

Didn't I say sometime that I would try and get 200 posts completed by the time this blog's one year anniversary came up? Well, I almost made it, and almost is better than... not almost. But that's okay, because December was a pretty busy month and I think I would have had to write more than 31 posts in January to meet my goal.

How has my blog changed over the course of 12 months? Quite a lot, in many different ways. Firstly, I've discovered the use of cameras. There was a time in this blog when a photograph was so rare that there was an entire category devoted to posts with photos in them. And I suppose I started knitting and spinning more in June/ July, because in the first few months there were very few posts about the fiber arts.

Also, looking through the archives, I can see monthly themes developing: in May, June, and July, I loved doing people's hair, drawing superheroes, and reading. In September/ October, I started to get into Merlin and I got more advanced in my knitting skills and yarn tastes.

Keeping a blog and looking back at past entries can really make you despise your past self. If I were to step into the Tardis right now and go back to one year ago, I would probably be extremely annoyed by the obnoxious little brat I used to be. And I'll probably say the exact same thing in another year.

So I guess this blog will just keep on improving. My writing will get better with practice, my photography skills will sharpen, and I'll get even better at knitting. The only way to get better is to not stop.


  1. You were never an obnoxious brat! Always a joy to be around, our baby sister :)

  2. Congrats on making it to a year! Just the commitment of that is something to be proud of.


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