Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pre-Valentines Decorations

Wow, I just realized that I've done pretty much no knitting posts this month. That's surprising, and also soon to be remedied.
I made this little chain of hearts a couple of weeks ago, actually, using this pattern. I think I have six or seven in total, all strung up on a little crochet chain. Each one takes about ten minutes to make and the pattern is really easy to memorize. I'm considering making about a hundred more in the next ten days and showering the table with them on Valentine's day. 

Not that my family celebrated Valentine's day much. We used to get plastic cups filled with candy hearts every year, but not anymore. I think we usually forget it's the fourteenth and move onto the next day. But it'll be nice to have a little decoration like this on my bookshelf. Unfortunately, once I put it up it'll probably stay up till next year or longer (seriously. we only took our Christmas tree down today).

I grafted the ends of the first few, but I didn't like the look of that so I did what the pattern said, and that turned out much better and was easier. I used Red Heart yarn (I hate the stuff but it's good for things like this) and US7 needles. 

Wishing you a happy Valentine's day now, 'cause I'll probably forget on the actual day. 

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